Enjoyable weekend

Last night, my family went to the Hollywood Bowl to hear John Williams (yes, composing Jesus) conduct the LA Philharmonic. It was great! I carried along my light-up toy lightsaber and wore my Star Wars t-shirt as an homage to one of the greatest movie series ever! *Ahem*, as I was saying, the SW nerds really show up to events like this, and when we got there, I already saw people with their Force FX (really pricey lightsabers with a metal handle) lightsabers turned on doing crowd control. Anyways, we sat next to some douchebags who were burping out loud and drinking beer the whole time (I almost dueled with one though!) and I guess that was the only bad part of the evening (though I got upset when one kept yelling “Queer!” when they showed some clips of Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman as Anakin and Padme on Naboo). They started out with a medley (complete with video footage) of different movies John Williams composed for, and some that he didn’t. Of course Star Wars was flashed on the screen for about 5 seconds and the place lit up with lightsabers. We didn’t get lightsabers out again til later. The whole evening was really great but the highlights for me were when he played (in this order) Asteroid Field (from SW. I was surprised not a lot of people knew where it was from, cause only a few turned on their lightsabers. There was this one section that had only green and blue lightsabers and there were about 15 people complete with Jedi robes [which is awesome!]), Hedwig’s Theme (from Harry Potter! Whoo!), Princess Leia’s theme (SW obviously), and then for the last song he did the Main Theme from Star Wars. John came back out again 3 times (which made it look like an encore) and then conducted the Imperial March (which everyone “conducted” with their lightsabers. It was the equivalent of a lightsaber mosh pit.), Raider’s March (from Indiana Jones), and the E.T. theme. The stage would light up all sorts of cool colors according to song. And then what was even cooler was that John borrowed a clip from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade from Steven Spielberg (it’s cool that they are pals like that :D) and then talked through it like a commentary, mentioning where the sound effects would go and what not. He then conducted the orchestra as they played the music to the scene (like you would in a recording session in the production of a movie). It was really cool. The clip used was the one where you see young Indiana as a boy scout and he is trying to get the cross relic thing away from the thugs and he goes through the zoo on the train. The clip ended as he rode away. *Turning extra nerdiness on now* I thought what was even cooler was that John said that Steven tried to make an explanation for Harrison Ford’s scar on his chin by adding the part where young Indy accidentally whips himself in the chin when he’s trying to defend himself from the lion (in the lion car of the train). I think Harrison actually got the scar from a car accident. Anyways, back to normal mode. John Williams is like the ultimate composer/music person that I look up to, and I am so glad that I got to see him (bringing binoculars was a plus as well! Got to see the musicians “up close”).

Today was pretty good as well. I woke up kinda late, but went to run errands (with my friend in tow) while we were on our way to our other friends house to watch movies. We only ended up watching the adult film parody of The X-Files (which was atrocious), and the Sex and the City movie (I loved it!). It was nice to spend some time together. One of my friends is going up north for school next month, so we are trying to spend as much time together as we can before she leaves. Now, I am back at home, writing this to let some steam off after spending an obnoxious amount of time on my math homework. I know they say not to stay stuck on the same problem, but I just HAD to figure this one out (cause I usually just don’t do the problem if I don’t know how to). After 2 1/2 hours, 3 examples found online, and extra sweat, I finally am finished AND I got the problem right (whoo!). I probably would have gotten it done sooner/saw what mistakes I was making if it had been earlier, but I chose to go out with my friends. I’m just glad to know my mom trusts that I will get done what I need to get done without having to ask me if I got my work done. If it were my younger brother, there would be no way she would have let him go out before getting his work done. I also am slightly getting the hang of playing on the C string on my cello. It is quite hard, and this is probably the biggest difficulty I’ve had (in my 2 months of playing) aside from having occasional wrist/arm pain. It is getting better though, so at least that’s something. Also, I will be purchasing the 2nd book when I go to my lesson this week (I already know how to read music, so I kind of whizzed through the first book. I am just eager to get to Bach. I might start practicing twice a day if time permits).

Anyways, I still have some stuff to read for my speech class, so II will have to end this post. But not without a picture of the lightsaber mosh pit!!

Lightsaber mosh pit during the Main Theme

Cool isn’t it? 😉



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