Twitter, Gillian Anderson, and more

So this weekend has been slightly uneventful (so far). We have a long weekend and I have homework that I have yet to complete (what else is new? It’s not like I’m a bad student though). I don’t know why I am posting this, but I just felt the need to, because something happened to me that hasn’t happened to me before. I’ve been blocked by a fellow Disney-lover on Twitter. I know this because when I saw that I wasn’t following this person (which I thought I was), it said that I couldn’t follow them because they had blocked me. Now, usually, if someone is tweeting stuff that I don’t like, I just unfollow them. But to block me means that there was something more going on. Now if any of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I obsess over all things Gillian Anderson and X-Files related, and am not scared to tweet whatever is on my mind. I know the unfollow button isn’t hard to click, but it takes a little extra to unfollow me. I didn’t know I was that annoying. This person seemed chill and everything. I just hope that I didn’t tweet something that was a trigger to this person. I really hope I didn’t. Because that is not cool.I don’t care how fun or neat our common interests are, I don’t want to tweet things that will trigger people. I don’t want to say it’s a trigger if it’s not, but I’m assuming it was, because I don’t know what else I could have done to personally offend this person to the point of them blocking me. Since I’m blocked, I’m assuming I can’t send them any tweets or whatever (to apologize), so I guess I will just leave it alone. I just hope I haven’t done anything personal to offend them. I am a nice person, but sometimes I say things without thinking and I wouldn’t want one person to feel personally offended because of what I said in some random tweet. Anyways, the other semi-eventful part of my weekend (so far) was seeing all of the great pictures of Gillian at the Johnny English reborn premiere! She looked SO gorgeous! Her outfit, her hair, everything! Of course if you know me, Gillian (along with Melina Kanakaredes) is one of those women who I love so much that I would gladly become a homosexual for. Their acting, their personality, everything. I just tend to fangirl extremely hard when it comes to certain people and Gillian Anderson happens to be one of them. My fangirling has been at a whole new level since meeting her as well. Gillian was such a sweetheart and she told me I was beautiful (which is a plus…aside from signing two of my items when we were only supposed to get one signed). For those who don’t know I met Gillian at the IBG Conversation that took place on July 30 in Beverly Hills. I figured I should mention that for those who were like “what is she talking about meeting Gillian Anderson?” hehe. Didn’t want to leave anyone hanging. Anyways, it is way too early to be awake and my eyes are half open as I type, so I will have to come back later today. Bye!


P.S. there are some great pics of Gillian from the premiere here 🙂 and of course on *whispers* tumblr (look up Gillian Anderson) 😀 enjoy!


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