“The Help” and the long weekend.

Today we went to watch the movie The Help, based on the novel by Kathryn Stockett of the same name. That movie was so good, that there isn’t much I can say about it that will do it justice. Viola Davis’s performance was above and beyond. I truly hope that she gets nominated for an Oscar for it. She was just amazing. Emma Stone was great as well. Bryce Dallas Howard played the “villain-ess” of the film, and I didn’t even know it was her till the credits. She also gave a great performance. Very believable. Now, if you know me, you know I am all for “reading the book before the movie”. With this movie, I didn’t get a chance to read the book first because I am reading the Harry Potter series (which are excellent by the way! I’ll talk more about it later). I went to see the movie because I don’t know what other time I’ll be available to see it. I was supposed to go with a couple my wonderful high school English teachers and the lovely lady who works in the business office at my old high school, but family things came up and we were unable to go all together at the same time. I’m sure we’ll go before it is out of theaters though. I had a nice time and also saw an old classmate (one of the few I’m still in contact with) afterwards which was nice.

Tomorrow, I am headed over to the library to pick up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Goblet of Fire was really good. I think my favorite so far were Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. My friend was telling me that Order of the Phoenix is really good though, and that it is her favorite. We will see. It is getting quite hard to hide the books (my mother wouldn’t approve of it as my choice of reading material and probably would be rather disappointed in me) seeing as how they are getting bigger and bigger. I just hope that by the time I’m “found out”, I will be finished with them all so there really isn’t anything that can be said or done (i.e., no scornful looks when I walk by with the book or whatever). Not that anything has happened yet, I’m just trying to be careful. I already had a major disagreement with my mother earlier this summer and I don’t want to make it seem like I’m doing all of these “bad things” at once (it kind of is a bad time to read a book that is disliked in our house). Anyways, I am really enjoying the series so far though. I am becoming quite the fan (hard to do at my house). I hate being shut up in my room all day reading, but it’s better than being yelled at for sitting on the computer all day. Reading is a great escape though. I realized, after I had finished reading Goblet of Fire today, that I hadn’t checked my Facebook account since when I first woke up (I always look to see if the X-Files groups updated something. Especially since Gillian Anderson was at a premiere for the Johnny English Reborn movie this weekend).

Anyhow, I am glad that the library will open back up tomorrow. Then I can be productive. If I am in a distracted mood, there is no way I would be getting anything done by staying in my room. I have to get out of the house and be away from my computer and books and fun stuff (all which my room has to offer). Also, Order of the Phoenix is there (yay!). I do need to go try to do something now though, before it gets to late. I still want to watch some X-Files before bed. Before I end this post, I would like to say to all those reading this, I highly recommend seeing The Help. It was just amazing and I hope it gets a lot of awards (if the Academy has their heads screwed on correctly. They can’t make the mistake and pass this one up. They just can’t). I hope to leave more posts throughout the week! Have a great week!


P.S. I know that was an abrupt ending, but I got distracted. Sorry!


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