Music Continues To Soothe My Soul

I don’t really have to say much in this post because the music will speak for itself( once you listen to it that is).

Tori Amos- I just started to really get into Tori recently, and my first album of hers that I purchased was “Night of Hunters” which is excellent. The whole album has a classical feel to it and the concept is cool as well. Also, her daughter Natashya “Tash” Hawley is a character on the album and sings a few songs with her mother. Let me just say that she is one gifted child. Her voice is amazing! It is almost like Sia’s. Probably the album that I can relate to the most though is Little Earthquakes. My birthday is coming up soon and I am going to treat myself to the whole album. Tori’s music is just great.

Imogen Heap- Immi is currently in the process of writing her new album, and she is doing something along the lines of a “conceptual” album. She used crowd sourcing for the first two songs and for the fourth one she did a concept of a neglected garden (The song is called “Neglected Spaces” I will have to go into my thoughts on Imogen’s new work in another post, but the one that just shines through the lyrics is “Neglected Spaces”. I can relate to the lyrics because the song can be about more than just a garden that is overgrown and neglected. It can also be about a person who is feeling left out, like there voice is not being heard. She also did a collaboration with a Hindi artist (Vishal) called “Minds Without Fear” based off of a poem. I liked the fact that Imogen sand in Hindi in some bits in that song (I am currently in a back and forth battle of teaching myself Hindi. I’m on vacation now). I think the thing I like most about this album is that each song has a story that is more palpable to the audience. This album as I said has mainly been crowd sourced for half of the songs so far, so it is more personal to the fans. It’s as if there are no “secrets” because Imogen is sharing everything with the fans, which is quite nice.

Candy Claws- I just found out about this wonderful indie group that mainly does shows up in the Seattle, WA area. I really wish I could see them live. They really have a beautiful, dreamy sound to them and I am purchasing their album in addition to the others I want as a self-birthday present. If you download Spotify you can listen to their whole album (Hidden Lands). I am completely in love with their sound and it just puts me in a mellow mood. There website is here:

Spotify- Yes, I know this isn’t a musician, but it has (like the above) been on my list of things that I like this week. I downloaded Spotify not knowing what it was, and I have no regrets. It is like iTunes without actually having the actual mp3 files of songs. I know sometime in the future it won’t be free anymore and you’ll have to pay monthly to listen offline and on your mobile devices (if you have the app) but for now, it’s all nice and free 🙂 I mean, you can still upgrade, but the free version is supposedly letting you do more than you will be able to do when the “full version” comes out. I will see what happens tomorrow when I try to listen to my playlists on my phone that I synced to be able to play offline.

Anyways, I just wanted to leave a quick (long) blurb about these amazing artists and this new great music program. Thanks for reading!



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