Fangirl Fears.

I am scared.

For several reasons.

If you follow this blog, or have read some of my posts before, you would know that I am a fan of The X-Files. Recently, other X-Philes (clever name for fans of TXF) and I have been petitioning to 20th Century Fox in hopes that a third X-Files movie will be made. December 24, 2012 would be the perfect release date for this movie because it goes perfectly with the show’s mythology (*SPOILER* The bad aliens  are supposed to come and colonize the earth on this date. Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Reyes all know this. Obviously it is up to them to do something about it). There is only one minor problem. It takes time to make a movie, and though Chris Carter mentioned that he has ideas for a third movie and the actors said that they’d love to make a final movie to finish off the series, you kind of need money to do all of that (Whoo what a run-on! Funny thing is I actually talk like this in real life. My lungs must be good).

If said movie were to take place, everyone, and I mean everyone would have to work their asses off at an insane rate just to get it at the level that would be expected from all of the fans. Also, if the decision to go ahead with the movie is made too late, there could be trouble getting it out by the “alien invasion” date. Also, this thing would have to happen soon before everyone gets old. Gillian and Annabeth look fabulous as ever, and Robert and David still have their good looks; however, if this takes a long time to make, there could be some disappointments. I mean, I could be wrong, cause look what Harrison Ford did with the last Indiana Jones movie. I even heard rumors that there were talks of a 5th movie. Yes, I am worried about the production time for the movie, and the return of the main characters, but what I am more worried about is the actual content.

If a third X-Files movie were to happen, it would have to be strictly mythology and only that. There was so much left unanswered after the series and I Want To Believe was basically a 2-hour MOTW (Monster of the Week) episode. My three main concerns are as follows:

1. William

2. John Doggett and Monica Reyes

3. Will Mulder and Scully save the world


Regarding William: If you haven’t watched seasons 8 and 9 then you probably shouldn’t read this, but if you don’t care, then carry on!

Scully had to give up William for adoption because she couldn’t protect him. I got that. The viewers got that. But it was so sad seeing this character, this woman who you became attached to have to go through so much pain and suffering. Scully had such a hard life after joining the X-Files. She could have saved herself the pain and suffering, but her love for Mulder and his search for the truth outshone that (though at times I’m sure she would have chosen a normal life over the FBI). The relationship between Mulder and Scully was beautiful, and the manifestation of a child just emphasized that. William was a miracle for Scully. She wasn’t supposed to have children, yet she was able to conceive William. The fact that he was taken away from Scully (and without Mulder getting to see him much due to him being in hiding) was terribly painful to watch. It is one of those moments in a show that just takes you there and you feel so much for the character. If XF3 happens, there needs to be something with William. Mulder and Scully have to at least be able to meet him as a pre-teen or something. They have to get the chance to see him again.


John Doggett is a badass. So is Monica Reyes. I love their relationship on the show. The fact that they had been friends before they were introduced to us on the show gave us a different perspective than did the Mulder/Scully relationship. I have heard several different arguments regarding the Reyes/Doggett relationship. Some people think Monica only had feelings for John because she felt bad about not finding his son before it was too late. Others (like me) think that the both love each other, but John just won’t let Monica in, due to the wall he keeps up around his emotions (though we do get a little peek into his emotions regarding Monica in Audrey Pauley- 8×11). I personally think that the Doggett/Reyes relationship was a very interesting one and that there was definitely something there. Their eyes give it away (the beach scene in Release- 8×17 and the car scene in Audrey Pauley!!).

That hug was too tight and long to be a "friends" hug. Curious.
Look at that smile.

Also, after the final episode of the show, we don’t know what happened to them. I Want To Believe made no mention of them (well it was one giant MOTW episode…) and I really would like to know what happened to them. They were a big part of the series after Mulder went into hiding, and I think they deserve some closure as well. If they come back, I want to see them in a relationship (surely after all this time John knows what his feelings for Monica are), and maybe with some kids (maybe). Though John wasn’t an outright believer, he put so much into The X-Files, and helping Scully, because he cared for her (like a close friend) and when you care for someone you want to help them, right? He saw that Scully was hurting (over Mulder, and William, and just over the fact that she was at a really crappy place in her life. Season 9 was a pretty depressing season. And not just because it was the last one). Yet, Scully is Scully, which means she masks all of her emotions and carries on with life as if all is ok. Anywho, as I was saying, Doggett needs to come back, with Reyes. And I didn’t even talk about Reyes that much. I just love Monica Reyes. She is a great character and I am glad for her time on TXF (though it was short. I wish it were longer). Her and Doggett need closure. We need to see what happened to them after they drove away from Cigarette Smoking Man’s little hidey hole in the desert.


Finally, the hardest part of this all (if said movie were to happen) would have to be whether or not Mulder and Scully are able to save the world. The last thing that was mythology-related that we saw was in the series finale when it is revealed that the alien invasion, the one that has been one of the show’s central story arcs, is to take place on December 24, 2012. If you haven’t checked a calendar lately, it’s obviously 2012. How awesome would it be for the movie to come out this year? Really awesome, right? Well, there would be a problem on how to present the mythology. If Chris Carter just gives us this big complicated story that is all mythology so that no one but X-Files devotees understand what is going on, there would be a problem, because then no one but X-Files devotees (and those dragged along by said devotees) would want to see the movie because they would be confused. It wouldn’t make sense to them. Chris Carter had mentioned that with the second movie, they faced a problem on whether or not to go straight mythology or do a stand alone type thing. Obviously, they went with the latter. Though we do get to see that Mulder and Scully are living together in east deliverance nowhere behind God’s back, they still are living together. The charges brought against Mulder (see The Truth, the series finale) would be  if he helped the FBI solve this case. So you do get a little teensy bit of what was happening before the second movie, but not much. Chris had to do this though, because he needed to gain a larger audience, not just the several thousand X-Philes around the world. Yet, we now want a third movie, that is strictly mythology. So you see, we have a problem. I know Chris  Carter is a smart man, so if this movie were to happen, he better have some clever way to get this movie to reach out to those who aren’t fans, and just might be interested in another sci-fi movie. There still is a nagging in the little part in the back of my brain where all the negative thoughts go that is telling me that the movie will only be appealing to the X-Files devotees. If that is the case, then the movie won’t be happening, and we will all be sad and go back to our fanfiction and continue creating our own endings to the series (endings? This show will never end as long as fanfiction exists!). Also, Mulder is just one man. Just how will he go about saving everyone from the aliens if the very government that he used to work for despises him and a majority side with the super soldiers?

The fearless heroes of Season 9



I guess it all boils down to the issue of money. Money is a problem. Fiscally, things aren’t looking too good right now, and everyone is holding on to their wallets a little tighter than they normally would. Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox aren’t going to go way out of their way to please a group of hardcore, devoted fans if they aren’t going to make enough money off of it (though I know Chris loves us philes). And that isn’t including the cost to make the movie. I will be sad and disappointed if XF3 doesn’t happen, but I won’t be able to say it was a surprise if it doesn’t happen. I understand that money is tight, and that large-scale projects like that just don’t happen. I will understand 100%, even through my devastation and tears. I guess until the “colonization” date, we can just take Chris Carter’s advice to us all: Don’t Give Up. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

I would like to know why the Air Bud franchise is still in existence and making money though.


2 thoughts on “Fangirl Fears.

  1. December 21st, not 24. Though the show slipped on that one, too. Anyway, you assume the movie would HAVE to come out on that day, this year. That leaves you only with one type of movie: the typical invasion scenario. Chris and Frank can be a lot more creative than that. 2013 leaves plenty of time for production, and it opens up the possibilities to some much more intricate plots. It also means the movie won’t have to compete with the 10 other big movies that will be out during that time. The possibilities are really endless.

    1. True!! Those are all good points! When I wrote this, I had this kind of die-hard “THIS HAS TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR” thing going on. Now, I’m just hoping that it gets made within the next 2-3 years. It’s now or never. I also agree with you about it not having to compete with other productions. If they start planning now, they will have way more time to put together a more complete and in-depth story line/script.

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