5 Photos That Bring Me Immense Joy

So, I decided to stop thinking about taking pictures and just start doing it. Sure, I don’t have a fancy DSLR camera, but I should be proud of my work. 

I was having a discussion with an acquaintance who was upset over the fact that people go out and buy these high-priced cameras just to have it, not really having the eye of an artist. Sure, that sounds really snobby, but for us it is a completely different thing. When you are an artist, classes and objects (fancy cameras in this case) are just tools that aid you. When you have an eye, you can make things out of nothing. This is what I aim to prove. Another friend of mine told me to not worry about what kind of camera I have and just make art. “Camera be damned. You’ll find the perfect camera soon. Just “attract” it. Pull it to you. YOU are a creator. YOU have the power of God inside you…You will find your perfect DSLR camera soon. I know it. It will come to you for free….watch for it”

And that’s what I plan to do.



You can see my other photos here.


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