“Falling” for Kate Havnevik

Photo from Kate’s website, taken by Victoria Dawe

So, I have totally been missing out on Kate Havenevik’s amazing music until recently–well, not completely missing out on. Let me start at the beginning.

I used to be a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan back when the show first started. I watched it religiously, and enjoyed every bit of the drama. I also discovered a lot of musicians because of Grey’s. I still listen to some of them now. That is how I came across Kate. Her music had been used in various scenes throughout the show during the first two seasons, but it didn’t stand out to me until two specific episodes: 2×17 “As We Know It”, and 2×27 “Losing My Religion”. In 2×17, there was a whole dramatic story line surrounding a patient who had a bomb inside of his body, and the bomb squad was involved and everything. It was the second part of a two-part episode, and by the end of it, the bomb had exploded. Of course, the bomb didn’t explode without having an effect on Meredith Grey, the protagonist of the show. There is a scene at the end of the episode where two of Meredith’s friends hold a still-clothed and most likely shell-shocked Meredith underneath a shower. It was a moment of high drama. After the episode was over, I remember immediately looking up the name of the artist whose music was playing in the background of that scene. I found out that the song was called “Unlike Me”, by Kate Havnevik. I didn’t know much about Kate, but just kept the song name written down somewhere, to look up later. Then came the season finale. There was a huge, climatic sex scene between Meredith and her “forbidden” lover, Derek. The music that accompanied this scene was incredibly gorgeous. I thought that the musician’s voice had sounded familiar. Of course I later looked up the episode, to discover that of course, it was Kate again, this time singing a song called “Grace” written specifically for this scene.

I never forgot about those two songs. I had watched the music video for “Unlike Me” several times over the years since first hearing it. I then got sucked up into other musicians and my own life’s drama, and didn’t really think to look up Kate, to see what else she had to offer. It is a shame, really, because I could have been listening to more of her music way before now! Anyways, fast-forward to this summer. I have been Facebook friends with Kate for several years, and we follow each other on Instagram. I was always scared to interact with her, because I didn’t know what to say! That was until recently, when I started listening to more of her music. She is a very kind person, and I started to really enjoy the things she was posting on Instagram (even though they weren’t music-related). I wondered why I hadn’t taken the time to listen to more of her music. I had saved all of her work on my Spotify account, but never really dug into it and gave her a proper listen. So, I started with her first album, Melankton. I had already heard some of the songs off of that album anyways. After about a week it was as if I had always known that gorgeous album. The same goes for her most recent album, &I. Those two seemed to have really struck a chord with me, and where I am at in life right now. I have just gotten over being in a really depressed funk that lasted since I graduated  college. Her music makes me feel better. I know it sounds cliché, but her music is like someone breathing new life into you. It is just that good.

One of Kate’s music videos inspired the title of this post. The song is called “Falling”, and it is off of &I. Not only does the song have playful yet beautiful lyrics, but Kate and Gotti Sigurdarson have also created a music video for the song that is absolutely gorgeous. I have watched it so many times. If any of you watch the show Westworld, you may recognize Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, who plays Armistice. Her and Kate have a slow-motion tangle on the beach. I really like how the video was shot, and you can tell they are playing everything back in reverse.

Is this post even making sense anymore? I don’t even know. I just really love Kate’s music and couldn’t contain my feelings any longer, so I decided to write about it. I’m a “sucker” for her music and voice, and she is super sweet. Basically, just go listen to her music 🙂


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